Coming Soon: Voopoo Find S Trio Kit

The VOOPOO FIND S TRIO Pod Kit is a new updated pod system starter kit after VOOPOO FIND S pod kit with 1200mAh built-in battery and 2ml/3ml refillable pod. Designed for the best DL and MTL vaping, the FIND S TRIO Pod Kit comes with two PnP coils: one 0.8ohm regular coil for DL vaping and one 1.2ohm ceramic coil for MTL vaping which also features intelligent burnt-out prevention to bring safer, healthier and more durable vaping. Plus the 1200mAh large battery and GENE.Trio Chip, the FIND S TRIO Kit supports nearly 500 puffs available and ensures a perfect flavor since the first puff.

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Cute Pocket Pod: Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit

The VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Kit is the first pod system of popular VOOPOO DRAG family. Intergrated with a 750mAh battery, the DRAG Nano utilizes the latest GENE.Pod chipset with fire-new intelligent cold boot mode and precise output power control system for optimal flavors. Inherited the design of original DRAG, the DRAG Nano features a compact boxy chassis with iconic resin patterns, and draw-activated firing system for a convenient vaping on the go. The DRAG Nano Pod features a 1.0ml E-liquid capacity with patented top filling design, coming with a 1.8ohm coil which is optimized for the Nic Salts to provide optimal flavor. The tricolor LED indicator provides instant feedback to the battery life.

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Quick Look Voopoo Find S Pod Kit

Voopoo Find S Pod Kit features the GENE.Pod chipset encased in a portable aluminum alloy and plastic body, 12 watts of power, a built-in 420mAh battery, 1.6ohm resistance coils for use with nic salts, easy refills, and a wide range of safety protections. It adopts intelligent GENE.Pod chip which is designed for constant voltage output to offer outstanding flavors. It has a 1.8ml capacity cartridge that features side fill design for easy operation and 1.2ohm coil. In addition, It adopts innovative air-driven design for button-free. More Voopoo Find Series Kit just visit this link:

Is VOOPOO Alpha Zip Mini kit worth buying ?

VOOPOO Alpha Zip Mini kit is a small version of VOOPOO Alpha Zip kit which is portable and lightweight for easier carry. Powered by a built-in 4400mAh battery, the maximum output of Alpha - Zip Mini mod can reach to 120W by 0.01s fire speed. It contains intelligent GENE. Fit Chip inside which provides you powerful and stable output. VOOPOO Alpha Zip Mini kit is paired with Maat tank with 4ml capacity. The Maat tank adopts innovative middle adjustable triple holes airflow system that offers you smoother and massive flavors. It also comes with PnP coils design including MT-M1 mesh coil, MT-M2 dual mesh coil and MT-M3 triple mesh coil, all of them bring you dense and outstanding flavor.

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Say hello to my little friend, the Voopoo Drag Nano pod kit!

Voopoo is back with another amazing vape kit, the Drag Nano. Weighing in at just 44 grams, the Drag Nano pod device is the total package for portable vaping.

Featuring the GENE.POD chip, with Cold Boot Mode, which gives you satisfying flavour and vapour from the first puff. It also has an impressive power output of 3.2-4.2V.
With a 750mAh built in battery and a super fast charging time via micro USB port of only an hour, the Drag Nano is the perfect out and about or work vape companion.

The super intelligent LED indicator lets you know what your battery level is at:
Green: Full charge–60%
Blue: 60%-20%
Red: 20% – cut-off and recharge
The red light will blink 10 times letting you know your device has no charge left and needs to be plugged in.

With a patented 1ml vape juice cartridge which is simple to slide out and re-fill there's no mess or time wasted, making it simple for on the go vaping. The vape pod comes with a 1.8 Ohm coil, perfect for salt based eliquids.

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Mini Powerful Beast: Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit

Standing just 54.5mm by 35mm by 11mm, it's obvious that the VOOPOO DRAG Nano Vape Kit is a very compact device, which is common with pod-based systems. The device features incredible quality, as it's constructed of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy materials for a durable and lasting experience. At the top of the device, there is a removable pod that offers a top-fill design and an integrated 1.8-ohm coil. The bottom offers a micro-USB for charging, and internally it sports a built-in 750mAh rechargeable battery. The battery only takes one hour to fully charge and with a full charge, you can expect upwards of 350 puffs. The device is free of buttons and screens to extend battery life, though monitoring the battery level is made simple. It includes a smart tricolor light indicator to inform you of the current state of the battery. As for its power capability, it has a voltage-based output where the performance is determined by the current state of the battery. Due to the lack of buttons, the VOOPOO DRAG Nano utilizes a draw-activated firing mechanism for effortless vaping.

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Drag NANO Pod Review: Could This Be 2019's No.1 Pod Vape ?

The VooPoo Drag was a stunning mod, and now VooPoo is back with a pod system version of it which goes by the name of the VooPoo Drag NANO Pod – but is it any good ?

VooPoo makes good-looking vape devices. Everybody knows this. But the VooPoo Drag NANO Pod is impressive, even for VooPoo. Looking like a SkyNet-designed version of the MiPod, the VooPoo Drag NANO Pod is quite the looker. And its beauty isn't just skin-deep.

VooPoo has packed the VooPoo Drag NANO Pod with its GENE chip, and this chipset brings with it masses of performance and safety features. You have draw-activated firing, variable voltage, and “Cold Boot Mode” for kicking out even more flavor from each draw.

Powered by a 750mAh battery, the VooPoo Drag NANO Vape Pod will go all-day-long, providing you top her up during the day. Do this and you’ll be vaping all day and night without any issues whatsoever. You even have fast charge too, so even if you do run out of juice, you can quickly top it up (less than 40 minutes for 70%).

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[PRODUCT RELEASE] Alpha Zip and Zip mini official released

It's time to announce that Alpha Zip Kit&Alpha Zip mini Kit are released now!
Brand New Metal Aesthetics Design, Classic Masterpiece
Intelligent GENE.Fit Chip Indide, More Powerful Professionally
The First MAAT Tank in the Vape Industry
We are gonna to host a Giveaway soon,stay tuned!Can't wait to try this Metal Storm!

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How about Voopoo Drag Nano ?

The Drag Nano Pod is a brand new style of vaping to the UK market that's sure to impress. Its designed by Voopoo in America, who have stunned the community over and over again with their 'Drag' series mods, and comes in the pod style stealth vapes. 'What's a stealth vape?' you ask, Well simply say it's a small and discreet style of kit that focuses primarily on flavour over vapour production, although the Drag Nano Vape Pod does produce a pretty decent hit.

The Drag Nano Pod doesn't have any buttons for firing, simply take a puff and it will turn itself on and instantly release its smooth and flavoursome vapour. This makes best use of the awesome 750MAH battery with fast charge capability, as it doesn't waste any energy on leaving the mod on, and with the charge cable you can charge anywhere on the go so you're never without your trusty Drag Nano Vape Pod.

The Drag Nano features an incredibly intelligent Power Balance Mode technology, rather than curving your power up it will read your coils and give a direct continuous power release to maximise flavour and boost vapor density.

Of course safety is paramount, and Voopoo don't skip over giving you all the necessary safety protections. From overheating to time-out cut off, you're sure to be vaping happy for longer knowing you have nothing to worry about using your Voopoo Drag Nano.

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Voopoo Drag Nano Review

As the first pod system kit form VOOPOO DRAG family, the DRAG Nano consists of built-in 750mAh battery and 1.0ml refillable pod with pocket-friendly size with beautiful resin panel. Moreover, the DRAG Nano Pod kit inherits the classic and advanced GENE pod chip which is born for best flavor to bring unbelievable vaping for you. Plus the brand-new 1.8ohm coil, the DRAG Nano is optimized for nic-salts e-juice.

The Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Starter Kit is the latest addition to the Voopoo Drag Family only this time instead of a high power quick firing mod we are introduced to a pod vaping kit in the style of a Drag but just as quick firing thanks to its Gene Pod chip. Featuring an integrated 750mAh battery and a 1.0ml pod which allows for easy transport and discreet vaping you will be surprised at how much of a punch this little device has. Voopoo state that you will get 350 draws from a full charge and that the device will charge to full from low in around 1 hour at a 5 volt, 0.5 amp charging current. The pod houses a 1.8 Ohm resistance coil which is ideal for use with Nicotine Salts.

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VOOPOO Drag Nano Kit will become your pocket choice for vaping

The VOOPOO Drag Nano Kit keeps the same stylish design as the rest of the DRAG hardware line which is very appealing to see. Every colorway will turn a head and have people asking what kind of device you have. The small and ergonomic design not only makes this device easily concealable but it also makes it extremely pocket friendly. Imagine a Drag 2 but in a pocket size version!

The VOOPOO Drag Nano Kit does feature an internal battery with enough mAh to have you vaping throughout the day and night. Rechargeable via Micro USB, the convenience of this nicotine salt device is out of this world and comparable to non-cord.

Another awesome feature about the Drag Nano Portable Kit is that the pods are both refillable and replaceable. Nothing is worse than being stuck with pre-filled pods only. You do not know what type of nicotine salt is in it, and most of the times they taste horrible. With these pods you are able to fill and refill them with your favorite premium nicotine salt.

Whether you are new to vaping or a veteran, the VOOPOO Drag Nano Portable Kit is the absolute best choice you can make when it comes to choosing which portable nicotine salt pod to go with!

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Voopoo Drag Nano Kit better than Smok Nord Kit ?

The VooPoo Drag Nano pod kit is one of the smallest pod kits available on the market, designed to fit in the palm of your hand. Despite its small size it boasts a large capacity 750mAh battery and is fitted with an intelligent chipset. This kit uses refillable 1ml pods that are compatible with a range of eliquids.

Not just compact, the Drag Nano Pod UK is also very easy to use. There are no fiddly menu systems or users interfaces to contend with, rather inhaling on the device will activate it. Producing a discreet amount of vapour, this is a stealthier kit that has been created for mouth to lung vaping.

Designed for the vaper on the go, the large capacity battery will deliver up to a full day’s vaping between charges. A built-in LED acts as a battery life indicator and will change colour to alert you of remaining charge. When the time comes, this kit can be fully charged in one hour by using the USB lead included in the kit.

The 1ml refillable S1 pods will give you greater choice when it comes to picking both flavour and nicotine strength of your eliquid, for a more bespoke experience. Fitted with a 1.8 Ohm coil this pod works best with high PG eliquids that are 50% PG or higher, it also works very well with salt nicotine blends.

Overall the Nano Drag kit is discreet, stylish and easy to use; making it ideal for new users looking to try vaping, but also for existing vapers looking for a portable and reliable mouth to lung kit.

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Do You Have a Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit ?

The VooPoo Drag Nano Pod Kit is powered by a built-in 750mAh battery and integrates VooPoo's latest GENE.Pod chip. Constructed of durable Zinc and Aluminum Alloy, the Drag Nano Pod features button-less draw activated firing with a refillable top fill design that has a maximum E-Liquid capacity of 1ml. With the integration of VooPoo's GENE.Pod chip, the Drag Nano Pod features Cold Boot Mode, which delivers consistent power and flavor even after the device has been idle for a prolong period of time. In addition, the face of the device displays multi-colored LED battery life indicators to show the current battery level of the device.

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Vaping Jewellery: Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit

VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod Starter Kit is the first pod system of VOOPOO drag family. First, VooPoo Drag Nano Vape Pod utilizes a brand-new technology called Intelligent Cold Boot Mode. Essentially, enthusiasts receive the same quality vape on the first hit that they do on their last. This way, there’s no “breaking-in” period associated with the Nano Pod. This level of consistency is unparalleled, especially within an ultra-compact vaporizer.Powered by built-in 750 mAh battery and equipped with GENE pod chip to provide the best flavour for vaping lovers. The pod of DRAG Nano comes with 1.0ml refillable e-juice capacity and brand-new 1.8ohm coil which is optimized for nic-salts e-juice.

1x Drag Nano Battery
1x Pod-S1 (1.8ohm)
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual
1x Warranty Card

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Voopoo Alpha Series: VOOPOO ALPHA Zip Mini Kit

VOOPOO ALPHA Zip Mini Kit consists of the ALPHA Zip Mini Box Mod and a Maat Sub Ohm Tank. With GENE. Chip inside, it becomes more powerful and more stable. It supports 0.01s fire speed with 120W maximum output. With a large built-in battery capacity of 4400mAh, it provides safer and longer endurance. It is designed with a lightweight body, which is portable to carry everywhere. The included Maat Tank adopts a brand new middle adjustable triple holes airflow design for smoother flavors.

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